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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

There are songs

There are songs within sounds that echo the breath of eternity.
i sing,
the universe incarnate from these lips
which twist in forming syllables,
moulding decibels,
fragmenting time's continuum,
lost in a universe of verse.

Inner space cannot hear what is not felt
since for rhymes to sound, molecules must resound
shattering the serenity of being in tune
to silence,
still time.
While time binds minds to the tangible
rhyme frees minds from time.

As placed lips contour the origin of sounds
sculpted hearts predate the origin of thoughts.
Must i then curve my heart strings 
to intellectual things
before i learn to think with an action less complex?

I guess its true then.
My love is a notion,
drowned by a wave of perception.
thoughts thrown to anchor my heart 

only add to its heaviness.

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